Lions District 5M1 Address Book

When entering the FIRST NAME and the LAST NAME
MAKE SURE that the FIRST letter of each name is a CAPITOL LETTER
Example - Melvin Jones --- The server we are hosting on is case sensitive

You must put something in ALL FIELDS except the Last Three - Bus Phone,Email & Club
If you do not,your information WILL NOT be stored in the address book

Click on a LETTER to find a person whose LAST NAME BEGINS with that letter

To display searchable CATEGORIES, select the DOWN ARROW in the BOX, after the word SEARCH

If you do not know the complete spelling of a category name - type in PART of the name,
then click on FIND IT. Example: to find Fred Pfeiffer, you can type in pfe in the box after the word FOR.
Example: To find ALL people who live in AUSTIN. Click on the DOWN ARROW and select CITY.
Then type AUST in the box AFTER the word FOR. Click on FIND IT.

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